What the heck is a Mobiledevcaster?
Don and Tom were sitting around one night discussing how the mobile platform had evolved to more than just gadgets. Although, they both agree that gadgets are important. But the reality was that people were writing mobile applications to solve real business problems and mobility had become an integral part of the enterprise architecture. They begin a deep intellectual conversation about how things like architecture and Visual Studio were an important part of developing these kinds of applications. It seemed to them that it would naturally follow they should look at this podcasting thing. Where else could they talk about something they felt was important and get other people to help them do it. Well that was the birth of the Mobiledevcasters!

Want to be a Mobiledevcaster?
They are just starting on this journey of pod casting and look forward to your questions and feedback. Being the connected guys they are you can use traditional email or Skype them directly using the buttons below. They are looking for interesting mobility stories of all kinds - good or bad. They have come up with some great ideas on their first few shows and are always looking for more ideas and feedback.  

About the DevCasters

Don Sorcinelli

As the founder of BostonPocketPC.com, Don Sorcinelli has been involved with the web site since its initial inception Don has been involved with planning, developing and deploying enterprise applications for over 15 years. His involvement in these processes expanded to include the PDA platforms in the late 1990s. He has a broad range of software development skills, including experience in desktop development languages (including Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET and C#), web application development (including HTML, ASP, ASP.NET and PHP) and multiple database environments.

Don also has provided training and mentoring on numerous topics pertaining to enterprise planning and deployment. He also regularly presents on Pocket PC topics at both regional and national Pocket PC and PDA meetings and conferences (including Planet PDA and Pocket PC Summit), and is a regular contributor to the Enterprise section of Pocket PC Magazine and writer for Austrailian Personal Computing Magazine.

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Thom Robbins

Thom Robbins is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft. He is a frequent contributor and writer to various magazines, including .NET Developer's Journal, Visual Studio.NET, and Web Services Journal. Thom has been involved in the planning, developing and deploying enterprise applications for a variety of customers. When he's not writing code and helping customers, he spends his time with his wife at their home in New Hampshire.


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What is the Mobiledevcaster?

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Strategies for Occasionally Connected Applications

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Mobile Application Migration Pain or Pleasure?

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Exploring the enhancements of the .NET Compact Framework 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Mobile and Windows Mobile 5.0.

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Buy or Build? The Mobile Decision

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The return of the Mobiledevcaster with a format change and some good talk about Mobile Web applications.

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